Genetics: Role and responsabilities of a scientist

The wonders to which scientific research has already been trying to accustom us for a long time are undoubtedly very positive , because they try to improve our life more and more.

In the last few years great advancements have been made in all fields, especially in electronic technology and genetics. Now, the problem is to know whether it is right to apply these discoveries for pacific purpose and non. For instance, genetic engineering can modify the cellular programming of incurable diseases , but in the hands of a scientist who is a little mad and wishes to put himself in the place of God in creating life, it could turn out to be very dangerous. Modern doctor  Frankeinstein could be able to create human clones and we run the risk that the genetics laboratories will turn into ” factories” for making babies , just as if they were puppets.

For this reason scientists have a great moral responsibility and they should be ready to quit their experiments if they understand that their discoveries could be used for a biological conditioning of mankind .

We cannot stop scientific progress but a scientist should always be aware that he has the possibility of giving life but to destroy it, too.


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