Since the time of the Ancient Romans advertising was considered as something important which could help to sell a product. In Roman times, since most of the people were analphabet, they used to draw pictures. Nowadays things are different, more complicated, and the centre of advertising is the advertising agency, a company which wants to sell a product turns to an advertising agency which arranges to find the best way to publicize it on TV, radio, newspapers or the web. The people working at an advertising agency have to be very skilled; the account executive has to establish connections betwen the client and the creative team. To sell a product it is important to have the right share of space in newspapers or other media. The production department has to find out why people choose a brand instead of another and where it is better to publicize a certain product. An advertiser is skilled if he is able to make people think they need the client’s product even if they don’t. We just have to look at the TV commercials to notice how we are influenced by them so that we tend to buy mostly commercialized things rather than unknown ones.