The student will be the actor of his own learning process and not simply a passive learner.

To provide a constant feedback, which may help to direct the learning
process, it’s proposed an informai assessement by the teacher to be done
during the lesson, side by side with learning, in relation to what goes on in
the c1assroom. Assessment will be carried out measuring the performances
of students in the normal c1assroom environment, looking at how they
respond to the subaims of activities, their abilities in communication,
expression, cooperation and negotiation, their non-verbal responses and the
progress they make.

 Assessing c1asswork and homework informally at an everyday level is very useful and gives feedback not only to the teacher but also to the
learners, because students, rather than being worried or frustrated by
the threat of examinations and free interviews, can feel more responsible for
their own progress, feel a sense of achievement and acquire a greater and
more intrinsic motivation for learning.

As regards homework, students will be asked to rewrite the steps of
the analysis they have done in class, so to have guidelines for analysing
another literary text chosen by the student himself.

This could be the object of a formal test to be done in c1ass. However ì
setting and marking tests for a more in-depth formal assessment will be
carried out under formaI conditions at the end of the module, reflecting the topic
area covered in the module itself.


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