Dubliners is a collection of fifteen stories about Dublin and its main theme is the failure to find a way out of “ paralysis” which is the typical condition of modern man in the modern metropolis. “ Escape” is the other theme linked to that of paralysis. It originates from an impulse caused by a sense of enclosure experienced by many characters, but none of them is destined to succeed. They live as exiled at home, unable to cut the bonds that tie them to their own world. The central theme of waiting for Godot is WAITING for an event that never happens. The anonymous setting stands for any place in the world and it is allusive of the desolate condition of mankind. The characters of the play embody the intellectual and the emotional side of man. The author wants to convey man’s fear of solitude and his need for communication which is always impossible. Vladimir questions himself about suffering, about the meaning of existence and the brevity of life. In his existential anguish, Vladimir needs to believe that he is the object of someone’s care and attention.